Militec-1 Lubricant Synthetic Rust Preventative and Metal Conditioner 1oz Bottles 6/Pack

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  • Militec-1 Lubricant Synthetic Rust Preventative and Metal Conditioner 1oz Bottles 6/Pack
  • Militec-1 Lubricant Synthetic Rust Preventative and Metal Conditioner 1oz Bottles 6/Pack
  • Militec-1 Lubricant Synthetic Rust Preventative and Metal Conditioner 1oz Bottles 6/Pack
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  • CHARACTERISTICS: MILITEC-1® Synthetic Metal Conditioner has the unique ability to create a complex, molecular compound within the surface of heated gunmetal. This causes MILITEC-1® to become part of the metal, not merely a temporary coating or a boundary film. There are two main characteristics of this safe new compound. First, it seals and conditions the metal by stiffening (not hardening) the metal surface. Second, it makes the gunmetal self-lubricating under all environmental conditions.
  • SELF-LUBRICATION: After a complete application, a MILITEC-1® conditioned firearm is self-lubricating. Self-lubrication gives the firearm's gunmetal the dry lubricity that is required for sustained fire under all environmental conditions. If exposure to dust, sand, or extreme cold is a concern, all excess MILITEC-1 must be wiped away, leaving the firearm's surface metal clean, dry, and constantly lubricated. Please note: Complete corrosion protection and self-lubrication is attained only after both Step One and Step Two (below) are completed.
  • PREPARATION: To take full advantage of MILITEC-1's unique properties, start with a clean firearm. Although MILITEC-1® contains a mild detergent that will help with subsequent cleaning, there are no solvents or other hazardous materials in MILITEC-1®, so it cannot remove old caked-on fouling and build-up from other lubes. Thus, if a firearm is dirty, you must clean it with a solvent before you proceed. Normal field strip cleaning should be perfectly adequate. If possible, remove the hand grips, clean and prepare.
  • INITIAL TREATMENT: Applying MILITEC-1® to a firearm for the first time is a two-step process: (1) Application and (2) Firing.
  • STEP ONE: APPLICATION. Now that the firearm is clean and dry, apply a light film of MILITEC-1® to all surfaces, including the bore. Burnish/polish MILITEC-1® into exterior surfaces by rubbing rapidly using a cloth lightly dampened with MILITEC-1®. Sparingly apply drops into the action, concentrating on springs, moving parts and metal-to-metal contact areas. If your firearm has a magazine, be sure to apply MILITEC-1® both inside and out. Leave a very light film of MILITEC-1® on all surfaces during reassembly. Now proceed to Step Two.
  • STEP TWO: FIRING. Once you fire your weapon enough times to reach operating temperatures, the heat and friction will activate MILITEC-1®, strengthening the bonding process that was started in Step One. While firing, MILITEC-1® creates a self-lubricating, water-repelling, dry compound within the gunmetal.
  • Additional Application Instructions: If Step Two is not immediately possible, consider applying low heat to the firearm to facilitate the bonding process until you can perform Step Two. In field conditions, place your lubed firearm in the sun underneath black plastic or a similar ventilated heat source for at least two hours. Alternatively, you may use a heat gun, hairdryer, burnishing or polishing tool to heat the gunmetal. In heat controlled environments, do not exceed 150° F (65° C). In all applications that require heat to condition the firearm, always insure proper ventilation and wear protective clothing. Please consult our MSDS for additional information.
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: To maximize the effects of MILITEC-1®, repeat Step One and Step Two while the firearm is still hot from the first firing session. MILITEC-1's impregnated molecular bond intensifies during the next 2-3 applications on hot gunmetal. MILITEC-1® has now become a physical part of the gunmetal.
  • SUBSEQUENT APPLICATIONS: It is important to continue using MILITEC-1® to lubricate your firearm throughout its normal service life. Consistent use of MILITEC-1® will maintain the self-lubricating effect, maximize corrosion protection, and minimize wear on all friction surfaces. Fouling, deposits and metallic debris do not adhere as easily to gunmetal surfaces conditioned with MILITEC-1®. Use a safe, inexpensive cleaner or solvent to detail the firearm, if necessary. For maximum corrosion protection, and especially if long-term storage is anticipated, leave a very light film of MILITEC-1® on all surfaces, after both steps or field application procedures are completed. 
  • APPLICABILITY: MILITEC-1® is recommended for all pistols, shotguns, rifles, automatic weapons, tank guns and artillery of all calibers and sizes. Note: MILITEC-1® will alleviate jamming due to tight tolerances.

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