Backpack Armor

Backpack Armor

Backpack Armor offers added protection and peace of mind for those who are constantly on the move. Designed to fit seamlessly into various backpacks, this armor provides a shield against ballistic threats and offers an extra layer of defense in unpredictable situations. Made from durable materials and equipped with innovative technologies, Backpack Armor is lightweight and discreet, making it a practical choice for everyday use. Whether for commuting, traveling, or outdoor activities, this category of products ensures that your belongings and personal safety are well-protected wherever your adventures may take you. Stay prepared and stay safe with Backpack Armor.
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  • Our ballistic panels are thin enough to be placed virtually anywhere, taking up so little space and weight that they’re quickly forgotten. BattleSteel Flexible Backpack Armor

    BattleSteel Flexible Backpack Armor


    $49.98 - $69.98
    BattleSteel backpack armor panels are lightweight, flexible, and designed to fit seamlessly into most backpacks. They are composed of lightweight, extremely flexible, and durable UHMWPE, providing the perfect balance between protection and comfort...
    $49.98 - $69.98
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    $49.98 - $69.98
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