Firearm Sales & Transfers

FFL Transfers:

We gladly accept FFL transfers from other dealers. If you plan on using Botach as your transferring FFL we do require that you notify us beforehand. PLEASE NOTE: If a firearm is sent to us without prior approval by Botach staff the firearm will be returned to the original dealer at your own cost. This allows us to determine that the firearm sale is California compliant, and gives us the opportunity to gather some information including who to call when the firearm arrives. You also might be able to get the firearm for less directly from us so feel free to ask for pricing / availability.

Ordering a firearm from an out of area dealer will consist of the following:

  1. Provide us with the other parties information in order to verify details about the transaction.
  2. Provide our FFL to the other dealer.

The FFL Dealer Network is designed to make it easier for a buyer to get in touch with an FFL holder in his local area that is willing to manage the transfer of his firearms purchase. The FFL dealer will typically charge a nominal fee for providing this service. The FFL holder may be required by law to collect sales tax, background check fees, or other transfer-related fees.

It is very important that you contact the FFL dealer before placing an order on an item to verify the legality of the item in your area, and to make sure you qualify to pass any required background checks.

You will be required to email, or mail a copy of your Local Gun Dealer's Current FFL paperwork before we will ship any item out.

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