HUXWRX HX-QD 762 Suppressor

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The HX-QD 762 utilizes a patented Flow-Through® design that moves the gases through the unit in a helical pattern that allows for expansion and cooling as they exit out the front. The torque generated by the exiting gases keeps the suppressor snug on the mount. No tools are needed for installation or removal.

The HX-QD 762’s Flow Through system does not increase back pressure (blowback) like a traditional baffle suppressor. This innovative technology produces heat at a lower rate than a traditional suppressor, and it does not increase toxic gas discharge at the ejection port. The HX-QD 762 does not increase bolt velocity (+/- 5%). Therefore, muzzle rise and recoil are managed, and there is no increase in weapon malfunctions.

Materials & Finish: 

OSS Flow-Through suppressors redirect expanding gases forward using a 17-4 stainless steel deflectors and internal Grade 5 Titanium coils.  The result is a comparatively cooler and extremely durable suppressor – temperature testing confirms, the HX-QD 762 runs about half as hot as a baffle can at each stage of the CSASS endurance test.  The fully-welded outer body is made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel coated with C-series high temperature black Cerakote®.

Sound Pressure Levels:

The HX-QD 762 is the optimal choice for the widest range of rifles of different calibers.  Sound pressure levels are measured at the shooters ear to comply with current military specifications.

  • 134 – 138 decibels (20” Remington 700 Rifle using commercial grade 150 gr ammo)
  • 133 – 137 decibels (16” AR15 DI using commercial grade 55 gr ammo)
  • 138 – 140 decibels (16” 7.62 AR15 DI using commercial grade 150 gr ammo)


  • The HX-QD 762 provides modular and integrated signature management capabilities that reduce detection by sight, sound, and electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) sensor systems.
  • An adjustable wrench or OSS QD tool may be needed to remove the suppressor when component temperature exceeds 160 degrees Fahrenheit (71.1 Celsius).
  • The attachment or removal of the sound suppressor does not degrade system precision (ammunition & rifle dependent).
  • Removing and reattaching the suppressor, the center of impact shall shift no more than 1.0 MOA at 100 meters (109 yards).
  • Removing the suppressor, the center of impact shift shall be repeatable and predictable within 1 MOA at 100 meters (109 yards).
  • The suppressor, when attached to the rifle, shall shift the mean point of impact of rounds fired, relative to firing without the suppressor, by no more than 2.0 MOAat a range of 100 meters (109 yards).
  • When attached, the suppressor will not adversely affect shot dispersion.
  • The suppressor does not require any fired rounds to seat or lock before grouping.


  • The HX-QD 762 will withstand 10 cycles of the firing schedule in Table I.
  • Bolt Velocity increases +/- 5% from unsuppressed to suppressed.
  • The suppressor does not require the use of an adjustable gas block or other
  • weapon modifications.
  • The suppressor is capable of withstanding impact when dropped from a minimum
  • height of 1.5 meters without causing any structural or functional damage.
  • The suppressor will withstand vibration and rough-handling requirements as defined by MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6, and cannot come loose during transportation
  • due to vibration or incidental contact.
  • The suppressor can be removed by hand after stress test firing schedule from Table 1. •The suppressor does not require any proprietary lubrication.
  • The suppressor will not increase toxic fume exposure to the operator.
  • The suppressor will pass sub-safe off gas testing per SS800-AG-MAN-010/P-9290
  • Rev. A section F.4.2.
  • The HX-QD 762 will not present a cook-off hazard after firing M118LR 7.62
  • ammunition for 100 rounds of continuous automatic fire.
  • The suppressor coatings provide protection from degradation in all climatic environments and weather conditions experienced in all climates and geographical areas including maritime, coastal, desert, tropical jungle, arctic, urban areas, and mountain environments.
  • The suppressor is capable of being submerged in salt water to a depth of 66 feet for a minimum of 2 hours and returned to the surface, and function without degradation in capability or performance.
  • The suppressor may be fitted with a Mirage Mitigation Device (MMD) that inhibits heat mirage from impacting target identification, recognition or precision when using a magnified direct view optic and clip-on night sight.
  • Frangible ammunition may be used with the suppressor.
  • A QD Bullet Trap, Blank Firing Adapter (QD-BTBFA) is available. The QD-BTBFA
  • functions reliably using M82 Blanks and can safely catch one (1) M80A1 rounds.

The OSS HUXWRX HX-QD 762 Suppressor is the perfect choice for a wide range of rifles, offering unmatched signature management and noise reduction capabilities. Utilizing a unique Flow-Through design, the suppressor directs gases forward in a helical pattern for optimal cooling and expansion. With its durable construction of stainless steel and Grade 5 Titanium, and a heat-resistant Cerakote finish, this suppressor is built to last.

Featuring sound pressure levels that meet military specifications, the HX-QD 762 ensures minimal impact on precision while providing reliable performance. With safety features such as toxic fume protection and resistance against cook-off hazards, this suppressor is designed to excel in any climate or environment. Trusted for its reliability and ease of use, the HX-QD 762 is a top choice for shooters looking for a high-quality suppressor for their rifle.

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    I ordered after reading a lot of negative reviews I saw online. I have ordered from Botach before with good experiences so I gave it a change. I received my suppressor even before the amount of time they stated. I think people don't read the print because it tells you how long it might take. That being said, just wow, very nice suppressor. My FFL was like you paid how much for that..ok I couldn't match it. Can't wait to get it out of ATF prison.

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