Kynshot RB5000L Hydraulic Recoil Buffers 300BLK / Collapsible Stock

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RB5000L KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer is identical in form to RB5000, but designed to work in AR15 .223 / 5.56 platforms with lower power ammunition including 300 Blackout and other subsonic rounds.

Identical in form, fit and function to our model RB5000, but with springs and damping optimized for use with light loads, including subsonic ammunition. This model was designed to work with guns that for whatever reason do not have as much energy input into their recoil system.

RB5000L KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer is a proven system that has seen heavy use with civilian competition shooters, law enforcement personnel and the US Armed Forces. This buffer is designed to fit any AR-15 with a collapsible stock. This buffer was designed for 5.56mm / .223 cal. rifles.

If your .223 carbine model bolt is not locking back after final round ejection, first check your gas system, then check your buffer spring. If everything checks, replace your RB5000 buffer with the RB5000L KynSHOT Marksman Recoil Buffer to remove less energy from your recoil cycle.

  • 50% Recoil Reduction
  • Eliminates Muzzle Flip
  • Noise Reduction
  • Smooth Operation
  • Weight: 4oz
Model Description
RB5000 5.56mm AR15/M4 Carbines - Collapsible Stock
RB5000L 300BLK AR15/M4 Carbines - Collapsible Stock
RB5001 5.56mm AR15/M16 Rifles - Fixed Stock
RB5004 7.62mm AR15/M4 Carbines - Shorty Collapsible Stock
RB5005 7.62mm AR15/M4 Carbines - Collapsible Stock
RB5006 7.62mm AR15/M16 Type Rifles - Fixed Stock
RB5007 9mm Carbines Carbines - Collapsible Stock
RB5100 Shotguns

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AR15/M4 Carbine Buffer
Made In USA
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