Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack

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  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack
  • Kill Cliff Recover Performance Recovery Blend 12/Pack

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KILL CLIFF RECOVER is a specialized blend of plant extracts, enzymes, B-vitamins, and electrolytes to support hydration and post workout recovery. Drink whenever you need to get back to full speed.

Flavors: Blood Orange, Blackberry Lemonade, Lemon Lime, Raspberry Blueberry, Pomegranate Punch

  • 0 Sugar
  • B-Vitamins
  • Electrolytes
  • Non-GMO
  • Keto Friendly
  • Certified Kosher
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Vegan

RECOVER Blood Orange:
The Big Show. The Big Kahuna. The Recovery drink that our company was founded on, provides a delicious blast of citrus flavor. It has been proven to be the tastiest way to RECOVER from a tough workout or night on the town.

RECOVER Blackberry Lemonade:
A delicious remix on an American classic with a blend of sweet blackberry flavor followed by the subtle tartness of lemonade. This ain't yo mama's lemonade but it sure does make for a berry legit drink!

RECOVER Lemon Lime:
The combination of lime and lemon flavor creates a free fall of savory citrus that will have your taste buds feeling like they just jumped out of a plane... wait do tastebuds needs parachutes?

RECOVER Raspberry:
These bright flavors of your two favorite berries (shhh... don't tell the others) takes your senses to another beverage-sphere. We've been working on those knight moves because you're my boy blue! You're my boy!

RECOVER Pomegranate Punch:
The big guy upstairs is still trying to figure out how we made this juicy flavor. It's our version of forbidden fruit, just ask Adam and Eve. Guaranteed to pack a divine punch full of double awesomeness flavor. You'll be on cloud 9 pinching yourself thinking how in the heck is it only 20 calories?

Nutrition (1 Can 355ml)

  • Calories (Amount Per Serving): 15
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Sodium: 105mg
  • Total Carb.: 16g
  • Total Sugars: 0g
  • Incl. 0g Added Sugars
  • Erythritol: 14g
  • Protein: 0g
  • Riboflavin: 0.6mg
  • Niacin (Vit. B3): 7mg
  • Vitamin B12: 2.5mcg
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vit. B12): 4mg

Plant Extract Blend

  • Erythritol: a healthy, natural sugar alcohol that is increasingly being found in clean, natural products due to its very low calories and very low blood sugar impact and being Keto friendly.
  • Taurine: A conditional amino acid found naturally in meat, fish, and breast milk. It increases the action of insulin, improving glucose tolerance and acting as an antioxidant. (KILL CLIFF uses a significantly reduced amount compared to what is found in energy drinks).
  • D-Glucuronolactone: A naturally occurring metabolite that is a structural component of connective tissue. Some research indicates it can have a detoxification effect on the body through its function with the liver.
  • Sodium and Potassium: Electrolytes to support hydration
  • Ginger Root Extract: An extract from the ginger plant that is commonly used in home remedies and herbal supplementation for a variety of ailments. Ginger has beneficial impacts on circulation and is contains gingerols (anti-inflammatories).
  • Green Tea Extract (EGCG): A highly concentrated form of catechin, an antioxidant and active ingredient of green tea.
  • Inositol: was once considered to be one of the B-Vitamins (B8) it is found in every cell membrane. It helps influence insulin.
  • Ginseng Root Powder (Panax): A plant material commonly used as an herbal supplement for over 2000 years. Some recent research has indicated it may be beneficial in recovery from strenuous activities by easing muscle damage and inflammation.
  • Caffeine: KILL CLIFF uses just 25mg of caffeine (equivalent to approx. ½ cup of green tea). This can help with blood flow to muscles to aid in recovery and minimal energy boost.
  • B-Vitamin Complex (B3, B5, B12, B2): B-Vitamins are essential nutrients that are important in metabolism and help extract the value of nutrients from food, such as protein
  • Vitamin E Acetate: A more stable and less acidic from of tocopherols (Vitamin E). Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and powerful antioxidant.
  • Citric Acid: acts as antioxidant and alkalizing agent to help decrease acidity in your body.
  • Natural Flavors: We use the natural flavor extracts from fruit.
  • Stevia: a healthy, natural sweetener that comes from plants with no calories.
  • Beta-Carotene: the natural orange pigment from orange plants and precursor of Vitamin A.

Enzyme Blend

  • Bromelain: Enzyme found in pineapples to help reduce inflammation.
  • Lipase: Enzyme that performs an essential role in digestion of dietary lipids (fats).
  • Amylase: Digestive enzyme that helps convert starch and glycogen into simple sugars.
  • Protease 4.5: Digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins and toxins.
  • Invertase: Enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of sucrose.
  • Beta-Glucanase: acts as intestinal fiber which helps reduce high serum cholesterol levels.

WARNING This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to (California law requires this warning to be given to customers in the State of California.)

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